The year round advantage - go camping whenever you want!


Our goal at Hay U Ranch RV Resort is to make your visiting your home away from home as easy as possible. We've found that people like the idea of having their camping spot always ready for use.  Just picking up some groceries and clothes and heading out for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

  • No driving around looking for a campsite that isn’t already full.
  • No making sure your trailer is level every weekend.
  • No packing the lawn chairs, bbq, sleeping bags and coolers full of food.
  • No worrying that all the ice you bought doesn’t melt before the end of the weekend.
  • No having to stop off at a sani dump before heading home. 

It’s easy at Hay U Ranch RV Resort. You lease a lot, pull your unit in, place it how you like, hook it up to your water, sewer, hydro, and phone, then sit back,  relax and enjoy a summer of hassle free camping.

We encourage you to make your leased spot your very own. Plant some grass or flowers, build a deck, a small guest house/shed or even a little fence. We love children and as the resort grows we will be adding a children’s play area and many other exciting additions. We're also pet friendly believing your pet is an important part of your family.

  • City of Cranbrook has all the major amenities (shopping and medical) and is only 40 minutes from the Resort.
  • Gas station just minutes down the road in Yahk, BC.
  • A handcrafted soap shop and ice cream store in Yahk - featuring goats on the roof!